Memosee: Visualize your journal. Feedback? Anyone interested in beta testing?

Hi guys, we’re a couple of college kids working on a life tracking app. We wanted to show it to before releasing it, and see what everyone thinks. Is anyone here interested in beta testing? (Please, feel free to PM me or email if so.) In general, do you guys have any feedback on the concept or what we’ve built so far? Thanks!

Memosee - Visualize your journal

I see you can export your data as a tsv file, which is great. Just make sure you include proper timestamps :slight_smile:

Thanks! Internally, the timestamps are in Unix time. We could definitely produce a TSV with something more user friendly, though. Is there a standard format that you’re used to? Would that be ISO?

ISO 8601 would be nice. But if the timestamps are stored in Unix time, how are you converting them when you export? Do you just use the user’s current time zone?

Right now the times are exported in Unix time as well. We’ll switch it so that it converts to ISO 8601. We’ll probably use UTC so that the data won’t change depending on where the export is done. Do you think that makes sense?

If all timestamps are UTC, how do you know what local time you went to bed or got up?