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thank’s to Alex for the recommendation.
My name is Niclas, and I’m a co-founder of Mentor. We’re a Berlin based startup and we have been working on an app for the past 3 months. Today, I’d like to introduce that app briefly to you.

Mentor is the app for your personal development. Whether that means getting fit or becoming more self-confident, reducing stress or living more consciously - Mentor can help with that. From sports to education to relationships, Mentor is suited for virtually any goal. The trick is that Mentor uses social context to produce results. After all, it is social context that ensures we make it to work on time and meet our deadlines - so why not apply that principle to personal goals as well?

How it works is very easy: You pick a personal goal that is important to you. Not just any goal, but a topic that has been on your mind constantly and that will immediately improve your life if you’d just start acting on it. Then you pick three Mentors - close friends, your brother, your favorite co-worker. For the next few days, we’ll inform your Mentors every day whether or not you achieved your goal - and through Mentor, they’ll have the opportunity to praise you when you’re successful and lift you up when you’re not. This starts a conversation around your goal - and virtually guarantees you’ll reach it.

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We’re looking forward to developing this together!

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