mHealth app for weaning consumers off prescribed opiates

I have stumbled across your Quantified Self invention and I like it. I think that for people to take their own health in to their own hands is a great idea, through data collection . I personally know what I do and don’t do so won’t require an app for this but many people will, and they will find it very useful. As a health professional i cannot understand how consumers are given opiates to go home with without any ongoing guidence. It is like giving a toddler a loaded gun. An opiate mHealth app will assist the consumer in weaning off the opiate so that they do not become opiate dependent.
I like the persons idea of using a ‘dumb’ phone for a hood portion of the day. I gave my dumb phone that can receive messages and make calls and listen to am/fm radio as well as take very grainy photos. I will buy myself another dumb phone. Use this during the day. Smart phones are addictive. Oh hum…what to do?
How do I reference you in an essay I am writing please?