Mill industry out of the haze, develop gradually expand

In recent years, the mill industry in bursts out of the haze, and gradually develop and grow, and the rapid development of Mengjin, the emergence of a batch after batch of elite companies, from powder production, application and equipment manufacturing research and development rate of progress very fast, there are always new equipment, new products on the market, showing strong vitality and vigor.
Work Principle of Vertical Roller Mill
By a series of favorable policies, the overall situation of China’s vertical roller mill industry, presented last December to pick up the recovery state, the indicators data machinery industry will produce more dazzling results. Based on the “urbanization” strategy, although a large number of infrastructure investment is fresh oxygen, can be added to the vitality of the industry, however, the production machinery industry topic already exists, if we do not quickly resolved, until when Humpty was late.
Work Principle of Vertical Roller Mill
Put China’s “urbanization” strategy to stimulate a lot of investment in infrastructure construction of a nationwide initiative measures, including railways, roads, bridges and so on. Especially after six months the city departments nationwide house prices are rising again in varying degrees, “Day CD” etc. have been common. Directly stimulate the hot real estate market, and for paints, coatings and other building materials needs.
Work Principle of Vertical Roller Mill
Paints, coatings demand for kaolin, calcite powder greatly increased demand, prompting more companies into powder production industry, thus driving the development of the entire vertical roller mill industry, but the process is slow, the cycle is long. Our mill in the future there is a lot of room and time.
Along with numerous mills producing companies to join, the entire market is thrown a “binge, no planning,” the discordant notes, the relevant part of the national economy for the industry is not yet involved in an important part of the scientific guidance display, absorb the excess production, promotion policies and other important aspects of technology has not yet thrown into the class with practical significance. Lack of appropriate norms to guide the huge market opportunity for the industry are also more likely to be a crisis.
With the rapid development of Chinese economy, vertical roller mill equipment will certainly play its vital role in the project territory. Today’s mining machinery industry has gone through the vertical roller mill to rely on cheap labor advantage and expense of the environment of the extensive development stage, follow the international trend of low-carbon economic development, mill industry is actively exploring energy saving toward development path.