There isn’t a specific forum or tag for discussion of mindfullness so am posting this here in the open forum. A search here reveals only two posts and those each nearly 10 years old!

Started following an intensive online course on mindfullness and one of the first tasks is to find support from other people. They do not need to be taking the course themselces — though potentially they could benefit from it if the media claims for mindfullness are to be believed. I have chosen you all here to be my supporters. :crazy_face: Of course, you can ignore me I won’t know anyway and on many issue that is the best to do with me.

The course is run by Leiden University on the MOOC platform of the UK’s Open Universtiy. Anyone interested can find details here

Sign up is free but it is also possible to pay a fee which provides a certificate and continued access to the material.

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Mindfulness is an interesting and multifaceted topic.
Various approaches to this topic are possible.

  1. Mindfulness is a good understanding of the nature of human animals, primarily based on biopolitics. Too long to study.

  2. Mindfulness are computer technologies that allow you to quickly enter a trance state, relieve stress and relax.
    These technologies are quite effective. The combination of stereo images (dispersed vision), strobe lights, binaural sounds, and music allows you to quickly enter a trance state.

  3. Mindfulness is a business.

  4. Mindfulness are individual techniques that are easy to put into practice.
    … and other.

There are quite a lot of Mindfulness Community.

Your course results will be interesting to me.