Missing Data in Export from iPhone Health App

Exported all my data from the Health App on my iPhone and found some of the data appears to be missing. For medical reasons I am tracking “Hot Flushes” because they are a known side effect of my medication. However, when I look at the XML generated in the export the records for Hot Flushes (HKCategoryTypeIdentifierHotFlashes) have no data for the severity of the Hot Flush — these can range over five values (Not Present, Present, Mild, Moderate, Severe). I use the Add Data option to enter the severity myself and I can see it in the Health App’s display but there is nothing in the exported XML file.

As a long shot, I wonder it anyone else has encountered this problem and if so how to fix it. I hope this does not mean I have to create my own app to suck the missing data out of Health.

Should say this is with iOS 16.6.1. Maybe it will be fixed in the up-coing 17.

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Hey! I just tried this today since we’re working on syncing the Symptoms out of Apple Health into our Best Life app.

Using iOS 16.6.1, just as you mentioned. My data exported the Hot Flash symptom as expected, but it is also missing the severity/intensity of the symptom.

 <Record type="HKCategoryTypeIdentifierHotFlashes" sourceName="Health" sourceVersion="16.6.1" creationDate="2023-09-18 13:52:07 -0500" startDate="2023-09-18 13:52:00 -0500" endDate="2023-09-18 13:52:00 -0500">
  <MetadataEntry key="HKWasUserEntered" value="1"/>

This has been a noticeable problem for longer than a year it seems. Here’s a Reddit post asking about the same problem. (Reddit - Dive into anything)

With how long it’s been a known issue, I wonder if Apple missed this incidentally or if it intentionally prevents user exports to other platforms…

I’m going to open a ticket with Apple Support about it since not being able to get my own data out of a platform is kind of a pet peeve :sweat_smile:

I just got off a call with Apple Health support, and basically, they don’t really know what happens after someone clicks “export all health data,” and they don’t know what ends up in the XML file you get afterward. They do not plan on investigating the missing field in the export. They could not answer immediately if that data is available via their API (which I presume is available in their documentation).

I guess we’ll find out soon on our end!

Looking through the raw XML from a recent Export All Data dunp from iOS 17 I now see the missing (enumerated) data. And all the known data points are present.

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