Mobile Fitness Apps and Twitter

Do you use a mobile fitness app to track your workouts and then Tweet about it? Tell me why as part of my PhD research survey

Ooh I’d love to chat with you about your PhD. I’m doing my applications next year in personal informatics. What’s your thesis?

I am looking at a few of the mobile fitness apps, looking at the Twitter sharing (as that is publicly available) and determining why a person decides to share such activity with their online social network. Long term goal would be to help developers create more persuasive mobile/online tools to help when the person isn’t face to face with doctor/nutritionist/personal trainer, etc.

Hehe, we built an st dashboard that connects the patients’ st data to their docs and did that after a bad experience with a doctor. There is a HUGE need in the market to make apps more user-friendly both in UI and in data visualization. I’m looking through your blog right now and wondering you plan to update us all on your research as you move through the program.

Just back from China for a presentation. There are a few papers that are being published very soon. We collected over 3M tweets - putting all that data together now, creating a classification model and running the numbers. I might be old and wrinkled if I have to do this by hand :slight_smile: