Moderator Introductions

Hi everyone,
I’m your moderator here - thanks to Gary and Alexandra inviting me.

I ran the talk on using medical lab testing at the first QS conference, and I made the mistake of recording it in HD. After buying a new laptop to crunch the video, and a couple days of encoding, it’s almost ready to go online. I will post a link here as soon as its done.

I track a lot of variables using blood tests once or twice a year, and have been for nearly a decade. I run an anti-aging nonprofit called and you can read more about my interests at

If you’re in the Bay Area, Thursday night, July 21st, there is a meeting of Smart Life Forum that you may want to attend, as it’s full of lab-oriented health types, including Steve Fowkes, who is an advisor to Smart Life and also presented at the first QS conference. I won’t be there this time, but I’m often there for the monthly meetings. I’m hoping for a free flow of useful information between Smart Life and QS, and I think QS approaches will bring a lot to the anti-aging world!

Happy posting!

Hi Dave,

Is the talk on medical lab testing available online somewhere?