Monitoring Dental Health

Hey folks, doing a bit of user experience exploration.
I think I found the perfect place to get some feedback.

I’m working with a group in New Mexico, we hope to produce a method to analyze several factors in saliva, and link it to an app for personal health monitoring purposes.

The current thinking is to target these three susceptibilities:

How often would you want to run this test?

What extra functionality would you like to see in the app that acquired the data?

Oh and if you’d help me with my survey, I’d really appreciate that :smiley:

Survey of Dental Health Monitoring Interest


Interesting direction, I don’t think dental health has been covered yet in QS space, so I am 100% behind your startup. My answer to your question, however, would be “not sure, should not we ask dentists and doctors? they should know better!” Other possibility would be to present users with a questionnaire on their diet habits (e.g., if they like to eat sweet, spicy, etc. foods, how often they brush their teeth, etc), and then segment them, by splitting into different “risk” groups. If a person has a “sweet tooth”, he or she may be more susceptible to cavities and thus, should be taking these tests more frequently. That, of course, again should be done based on some empirical recommendations and industrial standards.

I also think that limiting yourself to only dental health is not efficient, considering how much you can learn based on saliva content. Perhaps, throwing in some additional metrics, like cortisol levels (a standard biological measure of stress) could help? You may even offer some trending analysis (e.g, during the months when person experience higher stress, he also shows more signs of developing cavities, probably, because of eating too much comfort food).

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I agree with you, to have a good result use a survey tool, like questionnaire or other material that signifies your monitoring process on dental health.

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