Mood and Emotion Research from Delft

The folks over at Delft have developed some great pictorial tools for self-reporting mood and emotion.
Here’s the main webpage. They validate these tools across cultures and they’re available for non-commercial use (Creative Commons).:grinning:

The published article can be found in PDF form here.

Check out the Library containing links to PrEmo (the emotion categorization tool) and other publication/tools.


Does one have to program to be able to use the pictures, or can one just cut and paste?
Sorry to be so naive

It is great that you have been able to produce pictorial tools, and that they are free to use. Thanks for that!

However, I was wondering if you are developing something to track these moods using these picto’s. Moodtracking requires frequent self-measurements thus an app would be appropriate.

You can just cut and paste :slight_smile: You can make a free app and go for it :slight_smile: In fact, it doesn’t have to be in app form. One could just tabulate on paper if one wanted to :slight_smile:

It’s on my list of ‘thiings to do’ but if someone else cranks one out in the meantime, I won’t complain :wink:
Theoretically, mood vacillates less then emotions do, and using the tool will probably show that. The manual gives some insights into the procedure for using the tool.

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Thanks so much! It is a great idea.