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Hi I’m RiAnn. I spend a lot of time on apps like Daylio and others. I liked them because they kept my data secure, and gave me a small amount of insight into whatever I was tracking. I spent 1600+ days tracking in Daylio. I joined a nonprofit that was inspired by quantified self methodology and the technology we all have in our palms. LLIF built a mobile app under their nonprofit, to protect people’s data (donor related asset) while bringing big data analytical power to the table.

Spending a lot of time on designs is great, but I really need people to look at these designs and tell me if it’s fitting the bill for them. This is for people, not just me. Here are some concepts and screenshots that show how I’m looking to build the body map for symptom logging according to the Stanford body map standard codes.

What is your current pain tracking app missing, doing wrong, or doing right? (ex. I have hand pain, so it’s very annoying to me that PainScale makes me tap like 8 things before I can finish my entry.)

I tried to install app - and only option for sign-in was with google?

Hi! For Android device users, yes. The mobile app regulations for Android and Google Play single-sign-on state that it has to be Google if any will be present. On Apple and iOS, we have Apple and Google single-sign-on.

We went that direction so that we did not add yet another account, yet another platform, to segment people’s data. I hope that answer’s your question!

Yes, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi RiAnn,
would you maybe be interested in getting more out of your Daylio data???
I am working on
Would love to get your feedback on it

I replied to your other post :blush:

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