Mood Tracking / Happiness Tracking - With a Large Supportive Community - MoodPanda

Hi all, I just discovered QS, and it’s amazing because this is EXACTLY the sort of thing I’ve been looking for

I wrote this app, MoodPanda - which is an iPhone and web app for tracking your mood/happiness. You can track your mood as you’d expect, but MoodPanda is also a large community of people, who all share their problems and share in each other’s happiness

Mood tracking can be personal, and MoodPanda gives a privacy option, but we think it can be really beneficial to be part of a supportive community of people (we call ourselves Moody Pandas), who are all really friendly, and who are always there for each other and help each other through hard times, and help to build on each other’s happiness

So it’s a mood tracking app with the potential to help improve your mood! :slight_smile:

Some recent posts from members:
“Just wanted to say… everyone on mood panda, you are awesome. Anytime I have a bad day, I am always cheered up with your hugs. <3 love you all!!” (sic) Laura E
“Finding this app really helped me. People on here are so nice and helped restore my faith in humanity. Thank all of you” - Kasey B
“Reading other peoples posts cheers me up :)” - Chloe B
“I love this new tracking my whole life kick” - Joe B
“Escaped the clutches of sadness… thank you to all the pandas out there for your support” - Heather H
"Having this app cheers me up. Have been wanting 2track my mood 4 ages now :slight_smile: " (sic) - B-rad C

Anyway, I hope someone here get’s a kick from using it :slight_smile:

The website is

and on iTunes

Apologies if links are not allowed, please de-hyperlink if so!

Hey, I use MoodPanda, and I believe we have exchanged a few messages in the MP forum and the mood feed. Think I’ve even mentioned QS, although not to you specifically. Been following QS for some time now (but without using the forum).

MoodPanda is great. Only tracks one variable, but it’s a broad one and the simplicity makes it very easy to use. And I like the overall design.

Ah hi John N ! :slight_smile:

Hi Jake, it is a cool app. I’m glad I learned about it via QS blog post, which I will republish on my blog. I will add you to my list of happiness apps too. Keep up good work! Marina.

We’ve just released the Android version! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about mood tracking system before. I’ll surely look forward to MoodPanda and will tell my friends about this.

I was just talking about Mood Panda with a QS colleague tonight. Anybody know if there’s ever been a QS Show&Tell talk about a mood tracking project using Mood Panda?