Moodmap App — Seeking users to interview

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Hi everyone!

I built originally around the issues I had to work through when managing my ASD and ADHD. There’s still a lot of work to do, I think it’s pretty neat so far though.

In terms of how I want to manage privacy, which I think is ridiculous important in building a tool like this, I am trying to implement SOLID ( as a way to make sure any data that is used is completely under the control of the people who need the tool.

I am looking to interview people, particularly those that use Nootropics and ADHD medication, to understand what is important from people. If you would like to do that please hit me up on

Love to answer any questions !


I’d be interested in learning more about your demo product. What you’re doing seems pretty interesting. Are you getting any traction with your website?

Keep up the excellent work!

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