Moodprint - yet another mood tracking application

Hi everyone! I opened up Moodprint to public beta last week and thought you all might be interested in it.

The primary goal is to make mood tracking as easy as possible while staying flexible and allowing for interesting insights and integrations. At this point, the insight and integration pieces are still in the early stages, but the early feedback is that recording mood through the system is relatively painless.

I’d love to hear what you all think about it.

Looks nice. I’m curious how this compares to other mood tracking apps?

Also, since you’re asking people to trust you with some very personal information, how about adding some information so people can see who is running this service, and perhaps a privacy policy?


My goal with Moodprint was to make a mood tracking app with as little friction as I could – so instead of requiring people to remember to check in periodically, it pings you (currently via email, but eventually through other channels) randomly througout the day. Beyond that, though, it’s also less structured than most existing solutions – you can enter whatever you like, and don’t have to rate your current happiness on a 1-5 or 1-10 scale or go through a series of multiple choice questions (I should say that I think that both of those approaches are valuable, but they’re not what I was looking for in a solution.)

On the information front: definitely. On the product tour page, there’s a note that we’re working on the formal privacy policy, but the guiding principle is and will remain that your data is yours. That means at a minimum that you can export the full dataset at any time, and you can opt-out of having it used (even anonymized) in aggregate.

We’ll be adding the other standard content (about the team, etc.) before launch as well.

Thanks again for the feedback!