Moves shutting down? Oh, no!

Is any other QS upset like I am that Moves is shutting down on July 31, 2018?

Facebook owns this jewel and is throwing it away in favor of–I’m not sure what–they say “other development.”

Admittedly, if Facebook thought they bought a fitness app, they were only partially right. They really didn’t enhance it, so it’s missing all of the social aspects of most fitness apps (sharing, badges, insights, etc.) But its strength is not as a fitness app. Personally, I have my Apple watch for steps and Garmin for exercise, but I have nothing else (good, anyway) that tells me where I have been. I’ve tried Saga, Heyday, whib, and even the iPhone’s native tracking–most/all have been discontinued and all were sorely lacking compared to Moves. …and Moves has many third-parties that enhanced it.

But it is far more a QS app than a fitness app. I cannot count the number of times I’ve used it to look up “When was I at ?” or “Where did I go for dinner two weeks ago?” I probably use it several times a week for that…and others are impressed with “You remember where you were 4 months ago?” (Juries would love it.)

What alternatives would you recommend? I’m experimenting with Life360, Proximity Events, Genfency, Sapience, LogLocations, and myLife, but none seem to have what I am looking for.

I will probably have to write my own app.

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I have also been been using Moves (since October 2013!) and have been looking for other options to passively track my location.

If you don’t mind sharing your data with Google, Google Maps has a “timeline” feature that basically combines Moves and Foursquare -

However, there isn’t currently an API to access your location data - you will need to manually export it via Google Takeout -

Hi Just joined the forum with the express desire to find a moves replacement.

Other searches led me to Arc App (Iphone only) which has been great so far. Its a really clean and simple interface, integrates geolocated photographs and simplifies activity verification. Hopefully it will be a worthy Moves replacement which has been brilliant.

If anyone has any advice on where I could visualise my exported Moves data I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

I’ve been using WHIB for over a year. I like it quite a bit. You can export your data in a table. Here’s what the data from a trip this spring to San Diego looks like:

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Some of you might remember OpenPaths, which was launched (iirc) by the NYTimes some years ago and which has been rather non-functional recently. After a winding path for OpenPaths itself we ended up with having the code base at Open Humans.

We’d love to resurrect OpenPaths and make it an open alternative to the commercial GPS apps but to do this we need some help from further developers. Luckily we have funding for this and we’re looking for Python, Android and iOS developers to make it happen.

Please be in touch if you want to help us in getting OpenPaths up and running again! Our Jobs page has some more details on the different positions and you can reach us at and via Slack.


Unfortunately Google Takeout doesn’t include any place names in the data export :frowning:

I am developer and creating an app for tracking how I spend my time: it tracks locations and calculates how many time I have spent in particular places like work, home, gym, cafe.

I am writing here to ask what features are you looking for? How do you measure spent time offline?

Oleg - It may be well worth your developing your own app, for many different reasons, but if you are a skilled developer and interested in creating resources that allow location tracking for personal projects, you might look at what’s going on over at Open Humans, a nonprofit run by some very experienced and dedicated people focused on getting meaning from our personal data. They are working on location tracking using OpenPaths and inviting both volunteer and paid collaborators. There’s a chance that this work could make things vastly easier for many kinds of projects: Bastian posted a link recently:

I’ve been using the free app (paid services as well) called Gyroscope. All the free features are quite nice and it will now import your Moves history into its app as well Gyroscope - The Operating System for The Human Body

It’s a bummer that Moves get’s disconnected today, I’ve been using the app myself and liked it a lot. There is this app that seem surprisingly similar to Moves - Aidlab. It’s uses the phone to track data and a chest strap I don’t have. I’ve been testing Aidlab so far and it’s was pretty good with the steps. Recently they added a Moves like data representation, but I haven’t tested this feature yet.

I am the developer of Quantified Map on iOS, an update is coming this week with activity tracking and a timeline view. It is currently in beta but will get refined over the coming weeks.

@AdamV Wow, somebody has noticed Aidlab app after all :). Thanks for the warm words and as a disclaimer, I would like to say that I am solo dev on that app so please be patient if you will encounter any bugs! May I ask, which feature do you like the most?