Multi-API services for health/fitness data

What kind of multi-API services, if any, are you using to read/write to different health/fitness APIs (e.g. Jawbone, Runkeeper, etc) with a common interface? I liked Singly in the past, but that seems to be defunct now. I’m looking to integrate APIs into my own app & UI — a multi-service API tool would be much more convenient than learning & coding each individual API. I know Fluxstream has connectors for numerous APIs, but I am under the impression that it is designed more for the use case where a user wants Fluxstream to both aggregate the data and present the user interface. Not sure if it is applicable to external apps.

I’d love to hear what you are using, or whether you’re just implementing each API individually from your apps. I’m using python, incidentally.


Have a look at Validic ($$$) and Human API. Both have some lowest common denominator issues since they deal with so many services, but may nevertheless be sufficient for your purpose.

I second the request and add a call for API code. I am currently trying to pull together data from:
Basis Peak, Hexoskin, Neuma watch, Zeo, Athos pants, Recon snow2 goggles, writhing scale and a couple others.

I would love to find an off the shelf solution to at least marry all the data by key identifier (time stamp). Barring that, if I could get the code for each I would be happy. Hopefully someone here has it, but if not I will keep poking around github

Thanks @ejain! Human API looks quite promising - I did send them an email asking for clarifications on plans/pricing/usage. We’ll see what they say.

Both sites are completely vague about pricing which is never a great sign when bootstrapping, but at least Validic makes it clear that you need to schedule a sales meeting to discuss cost, affordability, & fit.

I spoke to Human API. A couple of points of interest.

  1. Their service is for pull integrations, not push, as in you can pull data from many APIs e.g. from wearables/apps into your app. But that does not push data from your app into those apps. So if you want your app’s steps (for instance) to show up in a user’s linked MyFitnessPal or Jawbone Up account, that’s not gonna happen through Human API. For that, it seems you must have an agreement with each of the individual wearable or app services. Some of them have open developer APIs, many do not, and require bizdev partnerships. Pushing data through APIs is not the use case for Human API (nor likely Validic for the same reason).

  2. Human API has pricing for large enterprises (e.g. insurance companies) as well as a mid-range plan for growing startups. They are amenable to coming up with a custom pricing structure for smaller companies as well.

For pushing data, see FitnessSyncer, though this is something your users would have to set up themselves.

I was looking for an integration to use within my own app’s UI, plus the ability to push data from my app into the linked devices/services on behalf of my users, not to require any work other than authentication on the end user’s part. But great to know about another QS resource. Thanks!

Hi Valerie, I ran into the same problem. So my Co-Founder and I created that will allow you to integrate all of your werables, as well blood, genomic laboratory data, and medical records into your dashboard where you manage everything.
The platform is a complete ecosystem that offers end to end solutions from finding and connecting with a doctor to receiving your prescription or professional grade supplements all for free to the end consumer.

Let me know if you have any questions.

David Joseph