MUSE headband and tracking the progress

I bought MUSE headband. It calibrates itself before every meditation, so it’s not possible to track a progress day to day (from meditation to meditation).

Is there any app under Android that can do that? (perhaps from a 3rd party software provider)

You can check out

I consult for the company. My biggest pain point with muse is that I cant wear it while exercising nor can I track my day to day mental state, whether it be while on the computer or just walking around. It will also allow you to track progress from each bout of meditation if you’d like.

If this resonates with you, check it out and let me know if I can assist in any way.

This depends on what do you want to track. Basically MUSE uses EEG so the question is what metric derived from EEG measures meditation progress. It might be that there are no good metric to track that.
I’ve tried EEG during meditation and analyzed my raw data.
For now i dont see any difference in EEG for meditation vs sitting with closed eyes, but this project is still in progress, i continue to collect more data.
After your post i decided to buy Muse S and going to test when my order is shipped. If i find anything - i will let you know here.

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