My conversation with Contec

Recently I was considering of buying some of the Contec products. For example the 24/7 spo2 meters they have were really interesting. What really put me off though was that they have several different online websites/shops and also no scientific proof of their claimed accuracy whatsoever.

So what I did was I just contacted the site and asked all the questions I had in my mind. The reason I contacted this website is that I found clues from other websites interlinking to this and also this website linking to others etc. So it was some kind of huge decentralized network.

Please remove this post if it’s not appropriate to post in this forum. It’s no problem at all and I will just post it somewhere else.

Also my english is not the best so excuse me for that.

So here’s the conversation:


Hey there!
I wanted to buy some products from you as a consumer. However I realized that there are multiple websites online. All promoting that they are the original Contec Website. Or even some stores.

Here are a few examples:

Could you kindly explain to me which of these are legitimate and which are not?

Service Worker:

hello, they are all our channel. let me know which product I could introduce for you?


Oh ok. I was looking for a blood oxygen monitor for night measurement. But if these are all from you, is there any difference in product quality?

Like some of them are second grade etc.
Or what’s the reason why there are many different websites? I’m honestly very curious sry for asking :smile:

Service Worker:

we sell global for many years so tried different way to show us, some to show our oem ability,some to show hospital products more and some for homecare

both are the same

can I have your company name?


Ohh ok. Like there is so many different shops and websites selling contec products, I just wanted to be sure that I’m buying the right product.

I’m just a consumer. Trying to measure my sleep apnea with different devices :wink:

Service Worker:

ok,you could check CMS50F, it is for overnight monitoring


Oh ok. I will look into it. Is there any kind of accuracy test for your devices? I couldn’t find like any validation on the product page.

[Image of mightysat scientific reports]

For example Masimo provides graphs like these to validate the accuracy of their MightySat RX series. I was curious if you guys also had an accuracy report or anything like that.

I think that’s also the thing that’s keeping many people from buying your product. From the western perspective it looks like you’re just buying a second grade product from china which doesn’t compare to any device which has US based scientific validation. But this could really change if Contec provided some kind of scientific measurement.

When comparing to other US based or European products I really liked the idea that all data is saved on the device (without Bluetooth or anything). And you can just connect it to your pc to read your data. But the accuracy is really holding me back from buying it. If there was any kind of report or similar you have, it would really help out.

Service Worker:

we have such reports but only lease to distributors after NDA, but you could search I remember others use CONTEC oximeter to test.

We passed FDA,Health Canada and many other certificates like Anvisa in Brazil.


As I said dedicated scientific stats and comparisons to other brands on the product pages would be much more convincing. But thanks for the info. I’ll definitely consider buying one of your products!

The key reason to buy contec products is their FDA certification as a MEDICAL DEVICE. That is what the product has to say. Anyone selling a fake FDA CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE in US faces criminal charges. Contec makes non medical devices too and they are not as good even if they are Contec.