My data from tracking weekly blood biomarkers and Oura ring for ~3 months

My startup is working on biomarker tracking and we did a 30 person alpha (including myself, where we tested a broad panel of markers to cover inflammation, metabolic, hormonal and cardiovascular health alongside wearable device data (sleep, activity, HR).

This is my data: Quantify

Interestingly, the last data point with a really good inflammation score happened the day after I returned a 2 week trip to Europe where I ate whatever I wanted and slept poorly (even smoked a fair amount of tobacco). Anyone else have their biomarkers magically improved by leaving the US?


I think single anomalous observations can be really useful for generating new ideas. I don’t know enough about your situation to speculate but I’m curious about whether you have any thoughts about the inflammation score that could be tested.

I spend months in Mexico because I can eat far more foods here (I have some kind of intolerance to manufactured food) and also work more for some reason.