My earliest ideas about the reason of starting qualifying myself

Hi everyone! Today I learned about how to quantify myself for the first time. (I am sorry that my phrases and sentences may be wrong since I am not an English native speaker.) I want to share my earliest ideas about it. I want to make progress in training for sports and fitness. However, after one week of working out and keeping a diet, I cannot cope with my burst appetite and eagerness towards foods, especially those with high calories and fat. In the meanwhile, I was so sad and upset. Because I regarded myself as a loser, who cannot control oneself. I did not tell my boyfriend, family, classmates, or anyone. So bad my situation was that I even wanted to go to the hospital for advice. Yesterday, I tried not to eat at midnight, so I feel better today. Just now I found the website, inspired by the interesting ideas, and want to try it. My goals for 2024 include keeping fit and learning English.

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That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing, and welcome! What tools are you using to help track your data? Many folks in the QS community can also recommend what they use.

Don’t be so down about your weight loss goals/progress! It’s not easy and becomes even more challenging with the types of food that are available, affordable, and heavily marketed to people.

Have you heard of Reddit? I think a few Reddit forums may be very helpful to find support and like-minded folks. They often have recipes and other valuable recommendations!


Good luck on your health journey!