My fast food consumption in the past 5 years and its effects on health metrics

One month ago, I realized that I have my five-year fast food history in the food delivery app called Wolt. That was a light bulb moment – Data is just uselessly sitting there!

What if I connect my fast food data with everything else? What will I learn? (You can read the whole blog post here)

I discuss the following areas:

1. Overview of my fast food consumption
2. Mood & fast food consumption
3. Heart rate variability & fast food consumption
4. Sleep data & fast food consumption
5. Blood test data & fast food consumption

Feel free to comment. Thank you for reading!


I would appreciate hearing more about how you manage your data. I’m currently using an Excel spreadsheet, but, there’s got to be a better way . . . . Thanks!!

Unfortunately, its excel for me, although I’m thinking about starting to use heads up health dashboard. (But even that won’t cover all my data)

I’m a HeadsUpHealth user. But, I mostly ignore it in favor of my Excel spreadsheet.

Interesting! Seems that less than 1 order of fast food per week, doesn’t have much influence on the overall state of health of a young athlete. In other words, one cheat day a week is fine, just don’t eat the fast food late at night?

Thanks for the comment, and I agree with your statement!

Thanks for sharing your fast food consumption over the past 5 years and its effect.