My free mental health/mood tracking android app

I want to inform you about my android app. It’s free and open source.

I have written it hoping that it could genuinely help people. When I created it I didn’t know there were similar tools out there already…

It’s called “Toadking” and the idea is that a user can enter “markers” for example for “sleep”, “depression”, “anxiety” and then enter data on a scale of 1-10 every day. Then for example monthly, they can use a share function to email their pdoc/nurse text data that they can import in excel, or generated chart/plot images optimized for printing on a4.

The website for my app is
It’s also available on Google Play if you search for “toadking”.

If you think this app could help people, please consider writing about it and spread the word.
I thought writing the app was the hard part, but it seems getting people to know the app even exists was the really hard part.

Any feedback/input is appreciated. If you think I can improve it somehow…

Thank you.

Thanks Toadking. The app looks interesting, and easier to use than EvenTrend.

One suggestion for marketing the app is to host the code on GitHub. Far more popular with developers and even users, since 2011.