Mybasis - plastic & health


I am really looking forward to using MyBasis. But one question pops up when thinking about wearing a plastic wristband 24/7: what about my health?

I read quite a lot about not using plastic containers for storing foods and the hazardous effects of some chemical ingredients of plastic in general (e.g. in films like Plastic Planet).

So in order to find out I wrote a question on their site:

Have you ever thought about the health effects of gadgets like this one?

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Unless you’re planning to eat it, I don’t think there is any cause for concern.

I have also heard about studies with findings of hazardous effects om some of the chemical ingredients og plastic, but I’m not sure if this is mostly in cheap platics. I can’t imagine that you find it in all plastics. What about your work-out T-shirt in polyester? Is also using that linked to health risks? I hope not…

You have to be careful with the plastic stuff. Some of it has been shown to be toxic. Some of it has one study with rats that is incredibly overblown. But everything I’ve seen has to do with ingestion, repeated mouthing, or injection, so I’d have to agree with Asher: If you’re just wearing it on your arm it’s not going to hurt you.

I just watched “Plastic Planet” (official site only in german). Even thou they didnt mention things like “plastic clothes” like sports-wear or wristbands specifically it seems that there is quite a danger coming from just handling plastic. Plastic can leach out chemicals by being scratched, heated or coming into contact with acidic fluids (=regular use) and taken up by the skin.

The guy mentions that he has found about 700 hundred studies showing hazardous effects (including the one with rats that you mentioned, ichabod801). They also funded a small study themselves where they could link infertility both in men and women to plastic exposure.

PS: So basically this is not a specific MyBasis problem. To the contrary. It seems they want to lead the way when it comes to transparency: Kristin Smaby wrote: “Exact specifications for the wristbands and sensors will be available in the not-too-distant future.” Transparency is a BIG PLUS in comparison to the other products on the market. Lets see :slight_smile:

There’s no danger from handling plastics unless you are continually licking your hands after doing so.