Would you like to set goals for yourself, track your progress and always stay on top of things?

  • The app myGoalJournal is now available for all Android users in the Google Play Store!

MyGoalJournal is a habit tracking app that was developed by colleagues as part of a research project. You can enter goals which you want to achieve or habits which you want to integrate into your life. This might be doing sports on a regular basis, for example. But also, goals regarding your personal growth (e. g. learning, reading), or social interactions (e. g. spending time with your family) are possible. You are completely free to choose. Your inputs are then used to create a journal that displays the planned activities for each day. There, you have the possibility to mark these activities as done or not done. Thus, you always stay on top of your progress.
My colleagues would like to use the data collected by myGoalJournal to better understand how individuals set their goals, and how they work towards them. They thereby do not only take a matter-of-fact perspective and analyze whether the goals were reached or not. They also consider the associated well-being. The greater objective is to determine the best way towards your goals for you as an individual and to support you with digital technologies as best as possible.

If your interessted, we could implement a Raw-Data-Download in a future version of the App!

I would be very glad if you gave the app a try, used it for a couple of weeks, and thus supported the research project while working towards your goals. Feedback to as well as ratings in the Google Play store are always welcome.

You can download myGoalJournal from the Google Play Store here: link to myGoalJournal in the GooglePlayStore.