MyShape.FITNESS body shape tracker with 3D avatar generation

I’ve developed a new QS type application and would like to get some feedback from the QS hive. Please checkout MyShape.FITNESS. Here you can enter just a few body measurements (weight, chest size, waist size) and we’ll generate a 3D avatar of your shape. You can create a goal and the track progress toward that goal.

Super cool idea, I’ve wanted this to exist for a long time. The biggest challenge I see is the not very accurate estimation of measurements for other parts of the body. Could this site be tweaked such that one could adjust hips/calf/shoulders/thigh/arms etc.? For instance, individual hip circumference varies widely based on bone structure, and can only be altered so much by muscle/fat composition delta. Allowing individuals to adjust this measurement in their goals and current status would provide a more realistic avatar. Apologies if this feature exists and I didn’t find it :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks very much for the tool!

Thanks for the feedback! Technically we can allow inputs for all of those items but we tried to keep it as simple as possible to engage users and make it easy for consistent tracking. We’ve seen other tools (for clothes fitting) that require up to 20 measurements (many of which you can’t do without help)!

That said, we are considering adding “optional” inputs which I think would give you what you are looking for. I’ll +1 that based on your suggestion!

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Cool, making the inputs optional sounds great!

I’ve been curious about camera-to-measurement tools since QS15; we had an idea to let people 3-D print little models of themselves but ran in a few technical problems. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are quite a few tools like this out there, but they are mainly aimed at retail. If there was a way to generate the avatar accurately with a picture that would be great.