Dear QS community,

for a research project, a student fellow and I are currently working on “stress detection via smartphone” and need your assistance!

We developed the Android app “myStress”, which gathers data from 40 integrated sensors that could be useful for stress detection. On the basis of your data we can conclude, which sensors are useful for stress detection and which not. You can see myStress’ recordings live and learn a thing or two about your smartphone usage.

Three times daily you are asked to answer four short questions regarding your current stress level, yet you can delay or skip them. Please answer the questionnaire 33 times (ca. 11-13 days) to successfully finish the study. The current number of answered questionnaires can be seen in the option menu under “Final questionnaire”.

How can I help?

  1. Install myStress and start recording. You can find myStress in Google Play:
  2. Help us reach more people.

What’s new in version 2.0?

  1. Compared to the first version we revised the whole user interface making myStress a lot easier to use.
  2. myStress uses less battery resources and disables measurements by itself, when a battery level of 10% or less is reached.
  3. The notification in the notification area can be disabled.
  4. While myStress is recording data (e.g. number of WhatsApp messages, average ambient noise level, etc.), aggregated results are displayed in the main window.

Why should I trust you with my data?

  1. You could learn much about your smartphone usage from live recordings.
  2. myStress does not gather any sensitive data like passwords, credit card information, phone numbers or message texts.
  3. The code is publicly accessible on GitHub:
  4. You could help us finish our research project while aiding in the development of stress detecting software.

I’m interested in your project! How can I get current information?

  1. On our Facebook page - we will post current information about our research project.
  2. You can ask us directly via, on Facebook or of course in this thread.

We are happy about any feedback, tips or suggestions for improvement!

Thank your for your assistance!

Best regards,
Chriss and Marco

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Chance to win one of three 25€ Amazon coupons!
After successfully participating in our study, i.e. 33 answered stress questionnaire and fully answered final questionnaire, you automatically go into the draw to win an Amazon coupon.
Closing date: 2014/11/30

First insights into analysis of some data from our myStress-study:

  • The battery temperature is positively correlated with the user stress level – the hotter the battery the higher the stress level of the user

  • The ambient temperature is correlated with the user stress level – but depending on the user, the correlation can be positive or negative

  • Loud sound also positively correlates with the user stress level – outliers on an individual level possible

You can still win one of three 25€ Amazon coupons! You just have to download myStress, which by the way hardly consume battery power, in the Google Play Store ( and answer our stress questionnaire (appears three-times daily) 33-times until 2014-11-30.

Please support our research project on “smartphone based stress detection”

Or running a CPU intensive process?

Could be a possible explanation, yes.
Therefore we measure the battery temperature every 5 minutes.

So over time, we should get rid of this effect -expect you are always running a cpu intensive process =)