N of 1 ML question

Hey @ejain I was looking at the QS Machine Learning repo that accompanied your QS 18 conference. https://github.com/ejain/n-of-1-ml

I am new to tracking but have about 2 years of sleep data. I was wondering how much data, in terms of numbers of measurements, you need to make use of the notebooks you provide?

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You could certainly run your data through Prophet to see if there is a trend and if there are weekly or seasonal patterns, or if it’s all just random noise… Beyond that, it also depends on what your sleep data consists of, and what you are hoping to accomplish!

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Thank you. Do you have pointers towards any other user-friendly beginning tutorials on machine learning and personal scale datasets?

Here are some machine-learning related links. Except for the first one, these are talks from QS events. So they are not beginner tutorials, but you may find them interesting.

Machine Learning meets ketosis

Measuring And Predicting Daily Satisfaction

Machine learning and nutrition

The role of machine learning for helping individuals understand and make sense of their personal data.

There’s also the book Machine Learning for the Quantified Self. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a copy for under $120. But here’s the GitHub repository for the code used in the book.


Thanks Steven!

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