Natural language tracking assistant

Hi All,

I’m working on a natural language voice based automated tracker assistant. We can track lot of things with wearable devices, but not everything is possible.
Example use case: me talking to my phone: “My blood pressure is 120/80/60, my weight is 60 kg”.
The program recognizes my data and puts into the database with the actual date time and several additional info (temp, pressure, weather, etc.).
I want to track any kind of data: medicament, mood, energy, diet, steps, activity, HR, etc. with third party tracker hardware.
Next step will be analyzing trends, correlations.

Somebody knows similar app?
Somebody to contribute?

2 Likes, a small nonprofit that builds software to help users gain value from their data, is redeveloping our voice integration with Alexa. Our team will then move to Google and Apple/Siri voice integrations.

We would love your collaboration! Anyone building something similar would save time using our software and mobile app instead of building an entire tracking software themselves.

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Well, r u my alter ego haha? I asked same question few days ago.

Thanks for the replies.
The user interaction is the key here, for me at least, and now I need an app for myself. I want to dictate my any kind of data to my phone and I want it to understand and manage it automagically. As I see this is not exist yet, but LLIF will do something very very similar. As I see LLIF is very promising solution.
I’m kind of tech guy and I want to create a very simple app (only one voice record) that I can use with extremely low effort (I hate typing or using any kind of smartphone UI), and let the backend do the magic: natural language processing, database management, data visualization, reporting in pdf, and in the future automatic analysis.


fingers crossed, but I worry this will be next product ended with 0.2 beta version…