Need a tool to merge CSV file by date

Currently I’m trying to merge CSVs from Zeo & Fitbit, but in the future I might add more, would be even better if I can select which fields to include/omit.

I would write an webapp to do that but I would like to check if there’re any existing solution for this. As long as it’s not a windows app(I’m using Mac & Android), it’ll be fine. thank you!

The low-tech way to do this is to open up each CSV as a separate sheet in Excel then create a new sheet with the fields hotlinked to the existing fields in the other sheets (the Zeo and Fitbit data). This effectively merges the two sheets together into one sheet and gives you fine grained control over what fields and data ranges you want.

thanks! I’m not very familiar with excel but I’ll find out what hotlinks are and see if that fits my needs.

I’m not completely sure if “hotlinks” is the right word for it, but the concept I mean is to go to have a third sheet with values like this :


That will make that cell get whatever value is in the A1 cell of the second sheet. You can then click and drag it to do the same pattern for the entire column.

How does the data look like? Google Fusion Tables [] is often quite good at merging data.

You might find a brute force solution useful: if you can sort both sets of data by the fields you are matching on, then paste one set of data next to the other, you can edit down to just the columns you want. Excel is quite handy for things like that.