Need app to track time spent home

I have been thinking it would be good for me to passively track the amount of time I actually spend at home with my Android phone GPS or alternatively when my phone is in range of my home WiFi network.

Essentially I would just like it to log the number of hours I spend home each day. I feel this is a good metric for my wellness because the more time I spend away from home I tend to drive more and spend more on on eating out. I tend to keep my phone on 24/7 but it would be nice if had maybe a 15 minute precision on my time spent home.

Just wondering if there are any off the shelf things already before I try coding something myself. I don’t know much about the Automate app for Android but creating a “flow” in that might work.

Actually this might work for me, but hopefully it won’t drain my battery too much:

Actually there’s an IFTTT task for it… Cool!

The Moves app would be another option.

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