Need for a lot of water

I seem to need to drink around 4 liter per day.
What happens when I don’t? I don’t have precise control over my muscle.
It’s not really bad but when dancing Salsa where I need very precise control of my body I feel the difference very clearly if I only drank 3 liter before going dancing. Also my resting heart rate is quite high.

I talked about the issue with my normal doctor and a normal blood test didn’t reveal anything.
To me it seems like a decent explanation that there’s some sort of hormone or toxic product that has to be washed out.

How would I go best about verifying whether that’s true? What kind of medical specialist might have answers?

You can study what modifies the water improvement effect (= drinking enough water improves things). What makes the water more or less potent. For example, you can drink 4 L of water many ways (2 L at 3 pm plus 2 L at 6 pm, 3 L at 3 pm plus 1 L at 6 pm, etc.). Which way works best?

Learning what makes the water improvement effect larger or smaller should give you clues to what causes it.

Do you happen to exercise a lot or eat a lot of calories?

I can’t remember where I learned it, but I’ve read that the more calories you eat, the more you need to eat.

[quote]Do you happen to exercise a lot or eat a lot of calories?[/quote]Depending on how you count dancing, you could say that I exercise a lot. The effect is however still there when I don’t dance for a few days.

[quote] or eat a lot of calories?[/quote]I’m severly underweight so I’m trying to eat a lot of calories. I however don’t eat enough to gain weight.
As I’m wanting to make eating as simple as possible I don’t do specific calorie counting.
I think the number is under 2700 which I should consume according to the tables.

[quote](2 L at 3 pm plus 2 L at 6 pm, 3 L at 3 pm plus 1 L at 6 pm, etc.)[/quote]I theory I could do this. In practice I don’t see a good way to convince myself to drink 3 liter in an hour.

That’s also my core problem with the need for 4 liter. Many days I just don’t manage to drink enough and then don’t feel well.

There’s also the problem of getting a decent number of physical coordination. Standing on one leg till exhaustion seems very time intensive. With dancing I don’t really have a good way to put precise numbers on it that I would need to see fine grained differences.

Are you getting enough minerals? And, are you absorbing your minerals? You can check out mineral deficiencies but placing a blood pressure cuff around your calf and see how much you can pump it up before you feel a leg cramp coming on. And, do you get leg cramps at night?