Need help in deciding which device

Greetings Gurus
I’ve have just been fascinated by the amount
of self monitoring a person can do by doing some research
online and watching on youtube.
Well i got a difficult question that i need opinion on
inreagrds to health monitoring.
I’m looking for a single device that can be as closest to monitoring
the most amount of variable of a human.
E.g-heatbeat,BP,breathing,distance worked,calories burned,sleep quality,temperature,etc,constant glucose level,HDL&LDL
Is there any portable such device.
Basically i would like to only buy one item,as i dont like wearing
5 different devices on my body including the watch.
Any suggestions will be helpful.


Wait for the Apple Watch 2.0? :slight_smile:

Seriously, I’d already be happy to find a device that can reliably (and conveniently) record heart rate 24/7!