Neurocognitive Assessments

Hi all,

I am from a San Francisco-based startup organization called Miro Health, and we have created digital neurcognitive assessments for iPads that are more sensitive than traditional paper-and-pencil tests. Our games track eye movements, motor movements, voice, response time, to name a few. We are currently running validation and reliability studies to compare our assessments to traditional tools so that ultimately doctors and patients will be able to access more sensitive and efficient neurocognitive tests, and disorders like dementia or Alzheimer’s can be detected sooner. For our current paid studies, we are looking for healthy volunteers as well as disordered patients to play our hour-long iPad games.

If anyone in this group is interested in a paid research study to test brain health, please get in touch at or fill out the prescreening questionnaire here:

Edie, Miro Health