New book about Quantified Self, called Trackers

Hi everyone,

I hope you don’t mind a bit of self-promotion, but I’d like to share my new book about self-tracking with you all. It’s called ‘Trackers: How Technology is helping us Monitor & Improve our Health’. The Quantified Self community was a part of my research, including a visit to the Silicon Valley chapter of the QS meetup group.

My goal with the book was to introduce QS (aka self-tracking) to a wider audience. So it’s preaching to the choir for this group! But if you want to read about how Fitbit and MyFitnessPal began, the pros and cons of 23andMe’s genetics service, how the new wave of doctors is adapting to self-tracking, and more, please check it out here:

Richard MacManus


Congrats, great idea! Looking forward to reading it

Added to my reading list this Christmas :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave! That’s an excellent reading list :slight_smile:

Great book, just posted a review!

Most people here will have heard of the companies and people mentioned in the book, but I didn’t know their background stories, so it was definitely worth reading.

Random nitpicking: Android wasn’t designed by Google (and it’s not completely Open Source, in practice). Also, I wouldn’t call the Apple Watch the most “sophisticated” product in this space so far–unless by sophisticated you mean “fancy” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review Eric and the constructive criticism. Perhaps I did mean “fancy” re Apple Watch… :slight_smile:

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