New Comer with one simple question I can't find the answer to

Hi everyone,

Here is my question, is there a website that has a database of freely available raw QS data? Basically some sort of open repository that people can download other’s people recorded data over long periods of time (months, years…) in a format like .csv

I’m studying how people change their behaviour as time goes by and would like to prove some of my hypothesis by looking at other people’s life logging data.

Thanks for your help



Thank you very much,

I’m looking at it, it might do although it’s not for one specific individual it seems. Is there some sort of social network but for QS data? Simple data is fine (weight over a period of years or something similar). If there isn’t such a database are there are ‘famous QS datasets’ for which the raw data is available?

In the mean time I’ll dive into the NHANES data!

Thanks again.