New expense tracking service: TextSpend

I searched high and low for a tool that would enable me to:

  1. easily track what I spent my money on
  2. reconcile that spending against goals/budget

Frustrated by the status quo, I created TextSpend:

I’m posting here because I’m hoping to find some folks willing to try it out for a few weeks and give me feedback. My initial iteration yielded positive results, but not the homerun that I was hoping for. So, I started a Kickstarter campaign to help me introduce new features to the service, but the campaign has not been successful.

Here are the tenets of TextSpend:

  1. text messaging is one of (if not THE) best ways to capture/input data. My mobile phone is almost always handy and sending a text takes seconds.
  2. the act of capturing each transaction not only helps me create a virtual log, but it reinforces THINKING about every dollar/cent I spend, which is of value in and of itself.
  3. responses to those sent messages can provide insight that keeps me honest and helps me modify my behavior
  4. data means nothing if I don’t have a goal that I’m aiming for and reconciling against

Appreciate any feedback you are willing to provide or questions you might have. If you’d like to try it out, just PM me and I’ll shoot you the phone number to text, which is all you have to do to get started!

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