New Food logging app with AI

Hi all.

I built my own food logging app. It uses neural networks to recognize what you are eating from a camera photo. Seems to work decently well! Also does venue checkins and nutrition facts lookup via fatsecret.

Would love feedback on how I could make the interface better. I really want to make food logging less painful.

Great looking and interesting concept, but I deleted it because the level of commitment required to create an account was too high. I can understand filtering out bystanders but it sank my interest.

Good luck!

Cant really log meals without creating an account … there really is no way around that… I mean, mathematically!

That being said, everything in my app can be done without creating an account, but the meals will only save locally and will be lost if you lose your phone.

Creating an account is not the challenge. I was ready to sign up but wasn’t willing through those options. It is the lack of the typical way (email address and name) that may deter the curious. You have a compelling app, but as you download the app, there is a long list of “similar” apps that dilute enthusiasm. Since you cannot avoid that (thanks Apple App Store!) my opinion is to reduce any barriers.

Yeah, email account registrations are something that is on my list of things to do. There have certainly been a few people complaining about that. I really need to make sure I find the right secure way to handle that.

I’ll spend the weekend looking for a good boilerplate example of that in flask. Lots of working parts with the email confirmations and such.

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Definitely in a rough state. I’ve connected my Facebook and Foursquare accounts, but there’s still a “Log In” button. When I select it, it takes me back to the screen to connect accounts.

Still, a very interesting idea. I’ll start using it to identify foods and see how it goes.

Your group sounds interesting. I saw the mention of a weight set point on your site. Have you read about the late Seth Roberts’ Shangri-La Diet and it’s use of flavorless calories to regulate that set point?