New iPhone App Retrotrack

I’d like to recommend to this community my new iPhone app which is 100% dedicated to tracking one’s location @ 100% privacy.

PS. Interested to get your feedback.

App Store:

Google Latitude (discontinued) substitute, just better.
Tracks user position in the background all the time.
Visualize, review and export location history.

Location history in three views:

  • Track on map.
  • Statistics pie chart (locality, area, country).
  • Trackpoint step through mode.


  • Save, export (i.e. Evernote) and share location history.
  • Track on map.
  • Statistics pie chart.


  • Simple intuitive user interface.
  • Care free reliable tracking background mode.
  • Tracking works offline, no internet required.
  • 3 modes for retrospective review of location history (track, track point, statistics).


  • 100% private data.
  • Tracking data of user’s location history stay on device only.
  • 100% control via iOS location settings.
  • Servers are not and will never be contacted.


  • Record location tracking in background.
  • Minimum battery power consumption footprint during background location tracking.
  • Low database memory footprint as only significant location changes are recorded.
  • No internet connection required for location tracking (cellular required).


  • Select time frame for track among several predefined options for map.
  • Autosize map to include all track points by rotation.
  • Adjust map borders and zoom level manually.
  • Works in both landscape and portrait to accommodate best to track shape.


  • Tap to enter trackpoint step through mode to review location history on the map including location names.
  • Long press to enter statistics mode, providing an overview of location history. Also export features are available for this mode.

Battery consumption:

  • Location monitoring in background is associated with higher power consumption.
  • The technology used reduced it to a minimum.
  • With the typical normal daily power recharge you will not feel any negative impact by Retrotrack.


  • The technology for location monitoring applied is limited to an accuracy and tracking frequency.
  • It is defined by destances between cell towers, and might vary depending on local conditions.

It seems to be a cool app! Awesome!