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Just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. I’ve been lurking for a while and decided to join. I’ve been seriously tracking health stats for about 3 months now. My stat keeping went into overdrive when I bought a FitBit Surge.

Just started tracking HRV (CardioMood Expert) and HRR over the last month. I’m male, 60 years old and I travel for work extensively. The travel makes it more difficult keep good stats but the FitBit has helped significantly there.

If anyone has any insights on the what I should be looking for in my HRV numbers the help would be appreciated.


There isn’t a magic HRV number, but trends can be interesting… When and how often to you record your HRV? I’m guessing you use a Polar H7?

btw does CardioMood Expert have a data export option?

Thanks for the response. I record my HRV upon waking with the Polar H7. All of my tests are in the supine position. As far as I can tell, the program doesn’t have a data export in any form. I’ve created an account on their website but all I get is a spinner. So I’ve been dutifully copying my data onto an Excel spreadsheet every morning when I get to work. Friday I’ll have a weeks worth of readings so I can establish a baseline.

That sounds tedious! If you can’t find a decent Android HRV app that exports data, why not enter the data into and app like Trackthisforme right away? This way you’d also have a record of the time the test was done.