New N-of-1 Health Application from HPI Digital Health Center [Short Survey]

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Hi fellow trackers!

I am Alex, a student at the HPI Digital Health Center in Potsdam, Germany.

In an ongoing research project we are developing a new health application that lets you systematically try different things to find out what improves your individual health and well-being.

In this :point_right: short survey :point_left: (<5min) we want to discover which health aspects are most important to you. All answers are saved anonymously.

Also I am looking out to build a network in the QS community.
If you would like to test the prototype of our application, feel free to reply here or contact me (my contact details are provided at the bottom of the survey).


Hi Alex, welcome! Iโ€™ve filled out the survey. Iโ€™m very glad you are here and interested in this. There is an active network of researchers in Europe, especially due to the work of Martijn de Groot at the Quantified Self Institute at Hanze University in the Netherlands. (Dr. de Groot is now at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center REshape Center.) All of us gladly collaborate and support new efforts like yours when we can.

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Hi Gary,

thank you! I actually just stumbled across your article and this really struck a chord with me:
โ€œWe envision a world of personal scientists, in which everybody has access to the support that they need to address their own questions about health and well-being using the tools and methods of scienceโ€.

We share the same vision for the application that I am working on. You can learn some more about our projects here

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