New QS Meetup in Southeast Florida

There has been no QS Meetup in Southeast Florida. There is a good QS Meetup in Southwest Florida (Naples), but I have only made the long drive across Alligator Alley once. So I have decided to start a Southeast Florida QS myself. I will be giving the first presentation (demonstrating my devices and experiences):

The turnout will not be as bad as the Meetup looks because quite a few friends and associates who are not in the QS movement will be attending. However, if anyone knows of QS people in Southeast Florida (Miami to West Palm Beach), please inform them of this new QS Meetup, and of the first meeting which is to be held next Thursday.

Hi Ben, I hope the meetup went well! Glad to hear about any interesting conversations or projects.

Thanks for your reply, Gary. My presentation went reasonably well. I picked-up a lot of equipment and leads from the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show with which I did Show & Tell. My entire focus was on health, fitness and survival, mainly health and survival. A video was made of my presentation, which I can post once it becomes on-line. There were only about 20 people who attended, not one of whom came from the “QS Movement”, despite my efforts to start a QS Meetup in Southeast Floria by whatever means I could. Whether there will be a second meeting of the Meetup I created remains to be seen.