New Self Quantifier

Hello everyone,
newbie here, obsessed with data and productivity,

Software Engineer & procrastinator, I probably spent more time writing project management & tracking tools than actually working on the projects I was quantifying. Right now I’m taking the problem the other way, I’m looking for a versatile tracking framework that I can hack around (merge multiple sources of data, etc).

If you tried the Basis PEAK, I’m listening. I’d like an unobtrusive heart-rate monitor to setup a baseline: some fancy graph to look at everyday and start asking questions.

Question for you guys:

  • Are you mostly tracking “everything” to find correlation between let’s say sleep, productivity, caffeine, etc.
  • Or do you feel like tracking one or two metrics to play with them is more efficient/doable right now?

See you around,

I track “everything” that requires minimal effort to track: location (via Moves), activity and sleep (via BodyMedia), body weight (via Withings). This data also provides valuable context when trying to answer more specific questions.

Still looking for a convenient Android app for manually logging whatever I happen to be interested at the moment and that can’t be tracked automatically (e.g. caffeine consumption). Might be able to use, or something similar.


I am a neuroscientist researcher and I have found this group while searching for a wearable biometric device to record HRV, GSR and movement, in studies that aim to identify individual vulnerability to (or resilience against) stress.

I would be grateful for any input or discussions on the topic.


Ejain, I’m trying Moves, thanks, I’ll take a look at the BodyMedia sensor later,
do you examples on how tracking all these data points had an impact on your habits?

Mostly I’ve used the data for “myth busting”, see e.g. the “computer time & sleep” screencast at