New self-tracking platform: QUENTIQ

Hi there,

I work for a swiss based mobile health start-up called QUENTIQ. is a fitness platform. Which makes use of gamification principles in the platform to motivate users to improve their fitness. Also we enable the users to track many measurable biometric data inputs.

I was wondering if we could get any QS-user to test the platform and give some feedback from their point of view - which would be very valuable regarding the fact that with the QUENTIQ platform a user can self-track all his measurable biometric data inputs. Following the three key pillars: “My Emotions”, “My Activities”, “My Body” reflect the QUENTIQ Health Score, which is a central part of the platform.

What makes us different from platforms like Fitocracy, Endomondo and RunKeeper is the fact that QUENTIQ has a medically validated health score at the heart of its system that was developed by a former MIT professor who specialises in life expectancy. We believe people want more than just simple fun points based system and that is why QUENTIQ is providing a score that is medically backed.

Technology neutral
Also what I personally think is significant to mention is that the QUENTIQ platform is technology neutral and supports third party devices such as Withings, Wahoo, Polar and others. In short future also the well known pedometer: Fitbit

Mobile Tracker App
The QUENTIQ Tracker app Mobile works on the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. A future version of the App will be linked to the mobile website which includes many gamification and also social features the main platform has such as the newsstream which will show not all workout activity of your friends and also their latest achievements they have earned. Friends are also able to comment every activity directly from the mobile newsstream.
(mobile site)
(Tracker App) iTunes, GooglePlay, BlackBerry

I will be at the 4. QS Meetup in Munchen at the end of August, if anybody reading this will be there I’m very glad to have a chat.

Have a great day

Nice work on the site. I’m trying it out. So far, I’m impressed with the ease of input and comprehensive tracking. Good for those of us with more athletic inclinations (versus starting at being way too sedentary). I’m looking forward to trying the iPhone app and testing it over some time. if it rocks, I may try your subscriber service for multiple party tracking and incorporate it into my work with small businesses. Well done.

Hey Eric, Great feedback thank you I will forward this to out developers :slight_smile: Keep me updated.
Cheers Yago

jQueryMobile-based site, right? Looks awesome!

Yes exactly jQueryMobile-based site! I’m glad you like it :-):slight_smile: