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Hello fellow ‘Quantifiers’,

Are there any academic researchers among you who would like to discuss a possible collaboration around my tech: ?

Artificial Light Texture (ALT) technology allows obtaining heart rate and respiration rate information for a person as well as information about other mechanical movements of the person’s body in a non-contact fashion.

ALT is well suited for monitoring heart rate, respiration, and general motion of sleeping persons and can be used for respiration and pulse gating in medical imaging. I have also demonstrated ALT’s potential to be developed into a non-contact analog of the seismocardiography method of monitoring the mechanical activity of a heart.



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Yes, we would be interested in looking at this. We work with bio signals at the UMR med school. Please contact me.
Department of Medical Psychology
Philipps-University of Marburg
Karl-von-Frisch-Str. 4
35032 Marburg
Phone: +49.6421.2823074 (direct)
cell +49 1719192887
FAX: +49.6421.2864881
Skype mamathys

Dear Alex,

We have some similar technology as an offshoot of our wearable technology group. We also use FFT to analyse rhythms etc. and our applications are for trauma and emergency care. We are currently working with two major international companies.

Best wishes,

Dr Duncan Banks

Director of Work-based Learning (Health Sciences)

Schhol of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences
The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1908 659198 | M: +44 (0)7790 178513 | E: | S: duncan.banks

Dear Duncan,

“Everybody uses FFT”, so to speak.
Beyond that, it is a bit difficult to judge about any similarities between my research and yours without knowing more details about your project …

Did you publish anything about your project?



Alex - I think this is quite interesting. I know it may be a bit far for you but if you can make it to the Quantified Self meeting in Amsterdam in June it would be great to have you present this work. We also have an ongoing collaboration with Quantified Self Institute at Hanze University, which is a good context to develop collaborations, especially in health.

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Thank you for the invitation and for the reference to the QSI website.
I appreciate both.
I will consider attending one of the future QS conferences; most likely not this year’s one though.