New to QS - concise list of available tools

I’m new to QS and would like to get an idea of the quickest easiest way that we can monitor the main areas of our lives.

My thoughts so far on tools are the following:

  • fitbit flex; for activity tracking and sleep quality
  • blood glucose meter - track fasting glucose and blood glucose response to meals
  • nutrient tracking of the food you eat
  • vitimin d testing - say 4 times a year; both testing and supplementation are cheap

…any other suggestions? I would like to get a wider range of blood tests taken one or twice a year, but I live in the UK and to get this done privately seems as if it would be extremely expensive. If any other UK users have experience of getting blood work done privately, get in touch.

There’s a really comprehensive guide of pretty much all of the popular QS apps/tools here: