New Website on Wearable Medical Devices (Science Backed)

Hi everyone, my name is Zlatko and I am a physician from Florida. I wanted to post a topic in this forum because I believe the users here would find it particularly interesting since the number of wearable devices continues to grow and the members of this group use these devices.

As many of you know the wearable device space is completely unregulated and there is no organization/committee providing oversight. It is hard for consumers, patients, and healthcare personnel to know which devices are accurate/reliable and can actually improve their health. That is why I built ( This website is dedicated to providing science backed reviews of wearable devices. Our team reads the scientific literature and analyzes research data to help you know which devices are accurate/reliable and should actually be used to improve and monitor your health. This website also has a database of these devices that is constantly growing and we provide information such as sensors, FDA approval status, price point, return policy, health metrics, etc so that individuals can figure out which device is right for them. If you need help in finding the right wearable device or have any other questions our team can answer for you. please visit our website and let me know if I can help. This website is not monetized and all the reviews are unbiased.

We recently wrote a review article on the top 3 sleep devices and I think this group would be particularly interested:

Thank you all for reading this and your time.

-Zlatko Devcic, MD e-mail:
IG: @real_doctor_z