Newbie question


I am very interested I learning and dealing with measuring EEG brain waves in relation to things like meditation, mental focus, sleep quality, etc. i am completely a noob and am lost to where to start.

I was looking into the op innovation products as something to start with and I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on the product and any pointers on how I can get started on a project with it…

Any feedback will get greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

OP Innovations’ TrueSense could be interesting for someone who is into DIY. The NeuroSky MindWave and the (upcoming?) Muse Headband might be more beginner-friendly.

For all of these devices, don’t expect to get more than a rough measure of focus or relaxation, and don’t expect to be able to use any of them while moving around.

There is also the Melon headband due to release in 2014 or 2079.

I’ve ordered the TrueSense myself. All of the different software options for it looks good.