I just discovered this forum after reading about The Quantified Self in Matt Reed and Joss Langford’s book “data to life”. I work in the Centre for Time Use Research at the University of Oxford (UK) and, as the name suggests, our core work is time use. We focus on diary studies (mainly self-report ‘tomorrow’ diaries) but recently, I have become involved in a collaborative project using SenseCams and accelerometers to gather data on the daily day. It is very exciting experimenting with alternative data collection instruments and presents many challenges, particularly in relation to the coding/classification of daily activities and dealing with simultaneous activities.

I’m looking forward to hearing about what others are doing …


That’s awesome. I was somewhat unaware of the SenseCam research. I think I had heard about it but wasn’t super aware until just now.

A lot of it make sense… I’ve actually been wanting this life logging for a LONG time now. It’s going to require a lot of storage though.

I think for me the sensors are the key. I want it to turn on when I’m doing more physical activities and have it done automatically.

It’s not super interesting to record when I’m just sitting at my keyboard. Way more interesting to me to record more data when I’m on my bike or backpacking.

Also, the impact on memory might be valuable too. Research shows that most of the time the memories are there but irretrievable. Hints and diaries help with recall. So perhaps SenseCams can also be used to help aide memory and also possibly help with criminal investigation to help improve memory recall.

Would be nice to have something smaller integrated into jewelry so it is less intrusive.

The new Android Wear watches are also interesting as well. I wonder if someone could hack and Android Wear watch to wear around the neck.