Next leg of study on elevation emotions and well-being

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post and participated in my June study. much appreciated.

I am starting another leg with one big revision – participants are only required to watch one movie (vs. three) with the option of viewing 1-2 more. If you have a little down time over the next few weeks – here’s the invite:


I’d like to invite you to participate in a study I’m conducting as a PhD candidate. Essentially, I’m looking into the well-being effects of value-congruence in experiences in which we invest our time and money. Value-congruence is a catch-all term I’m using to describe qualitative actions that are in alignment with pro‐social emotions, character strengths, virtues and morals. Sometimes, when we witness these values being expressed by others in movies, books and other media, we experience brief, nonconscious states of elevation that are marked by physical sensations such as a warmth, glowing, or openness in the chest; and/or tingling in the skin, particularly along the back, neck and head. I’m looking at how an increased ratio of these positive moments in everyday expenditures might contribute to well-being.

At a broader scale, the study involves deepening our understanding of how we search for meaning when we purchase things that are beyond our basic survival needs, and will help to refine a larger project designed to explore value-congruence in intrinsic consumer experiences overall — experiences such as movies, plays, vacations, books, TV viewing, dining, concerts, etc.

Your reported experiences would be important for understanding how we can use our financial choices to cultivate meaning in our lives. Indeed, this study will refer to participants as co-researchers and all information you share will remain strictly confidential. A pseudonym of your choice will be used for any quotes that you provide which might be included in the final research report.

If you decide to participate, you can decline from answering any question asked of you; you can also withdraw from the study at any time without any consequences to you. There’s no financial remuneration for participating in this study. You’ll be required to purchase your own movies. Further, you should have sufficient time to be interviewed (30-45 minutes); answer some on-line questions (15-20 minutes), and watch a movie that I will recommend. You will further have the option, but will not be required, to watch one or two more. You can participate from you home, work or while on vacation – but you’ll be required to have access to email and internet – with sufficient bandwidth to view on-line movies. You must also be over 18 to participate.

If interested, please email me at, and I’ll send you further details and instructions. You can also reach me by phone at 212-877-5915.

When I tried to find out about, I found that most of the website was password protected. Can you supply an id and password so that I can find out about