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before I start with my little self intro, I would like to say thank you to Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly for introducing the QS initiative, which makes it possible, that so many positive thinking and interesting people around the world communicate and share their ideas about Quantified Self. I also appreciate everybodies contribution to this initiative and enjoy reading your postings. Thank you as well!

Now, about me: I’m Michael, 55 years old, mechanical engineer, working in IT business for many years, mainly in sales. Currently I am on my third attempt to build my own business, this time in the field of quantified self / tracking.

I have experimented with mental methods since 1981 (superlearning, meditation techniques, self development etc.), almost every day, always trying to improve performance, well-being and behaviour.

In 2005 I’ve fallen in love with tracking of personal data and started to collect my data with Excel and a program written by myself. Later I’ve learned about the Quantified Self movement and I’m very thankful about this, since I believe, that it is really important and helpful for many people.

I’m especially interested in sustainable behavioural change. Thus most of my experimential work and experience out of this is focused on behavioural change. I hope to meet others here who have the same intention and would enjoy to share and discuss their work.

Finally I would like to mention that I’ve written and published an article on LinkedIn which provides some thoughts on how to handle the complexity of our daily life with Quantified Self methods (here).

I would love to get your comments and ideas.

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Welcome to Quantified Self.

Plus, I wish you all the best in your next startup

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Great to meet you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am really happy to join this community.

Hi James, Glad to have you here.

Hello! Glad to digitally meet you here! :smiley: